The most interesting online miniclip games

Play online miniclip gamesNowadays, to raise your spirits, you no longer need to meet friends or buy board games. It is much easier to go online and pick up fun that will give new emotions and allow you to pass for more than one evening. But, really cool online miniclip games are a rarity. That’s why we compiled a list of top-end applications.

A few examples

Combat mechanisms are a military strategy. You are waiting for three plot campaigns for America, Russia and China. To conquer the city and continue the offensive, you need to deal with enemies. At your disposal are infantrymen, tanks, helicopters and bombs. But, each unit costs a certain number of points. So think through tactics and only then call for reinforcements. Remember, on the Miniclip Games platform you can play cool online mini-games for free;

Cursed Treasure – a game in the style of Tower Defense. Your gold is being stolen. To punish thieves, install guns – fiery, freezing and shooting. Carefully follow the process, because when the tower increases the level, you can improve its characteristics. Reflecting the attack, the system will calculate the points required for opening the class abilities;

The price of Freedom is a cool online game. Events unfold in a time when people stopped going out. No, they did not become hermits, it’s all about the maniac killer. Your task is to catch the criminal and free the town from the oppression of the Puppeteer. Unlike other fun, here you will see other gamers. One will need help, and the other – advice, the key to the door or a cure for the poison. In the Detective Price Free you can play online for free;

Online miniclip games for free

Hunter Willie is an interesting shooter about a fearless archer. Once in an awesome dungeon, you must find a way out. Parallel to this, kill dinosaurs, collect cartridges and search for secret places. Thanks to RPG elements, you can also learn useful skills and become stronger. If you do not like to kill, on the platform RBK Games you will find other mini-games online;

Salvation Fluffy – an interesting puzzle. You are waiting for 25 interesting levels. To set a record, try to find a way to collect all the gold keys, gears and little spiders. Can not wait to start solving logical problems? To solve them you have to move your brains, and overcome traps will help dexterity and cunning. You can play Felicity Save for free.

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Now you know that on our platform you can play cool games. When tired of monotonous gameplay, look at the RPG Sword of King Arthur. You are waiting for the great battles, sieges of fortresses and exploits. Quickly complete the construction of the castle and start forming an army. At your disposal are 30 generals and 19 types of troops.

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