Overview of the miniclip game Velvet Assassin

miniclip gameThe Second World War, from the most terrible tragedy that claimed millions of innocent lives, has recently become one of the favorite themes for the products of mass culture. Books, films and computer games of this subject most closely resemble soap operas – soldiers regularly march under cheerful hymns, perish exclusively with pathos, and the authorities smoke a cigar even under firings of enemy artillery. As demanding would not be a modern consumer, the manufacturer gets rid of the stamps very reluctantly, preferring to feed the same dish in a new plate a dozen times. Exceptions, of course, are, but they often fade in the background of their “pop” colleagues. Perhaps, the situation will change with the release of Velvet Assassin?

The above project belongs to the pen of Replay studio known in narrow circles. The German campaign is responsible for the release of just one game – a pretty solid racing arcade Crashday. Now the magicians decided to try themselves in the military field. Until recently, the brainchild responded to the Sabotage 1943, but soon it was renamed to the more mystical Velvet Assassin. http://www.miniclipgamez.com/categories/32/war.html

In the role of the assassin stands a girl from the French resistance – Violet Summer. On the thorny path to the liberation of the native power, the local Kate Archer will have to complete a whole bunch of tasks: to destroy the violon of the Vichy regime (the French collaborationist government) and the Third Reich supervisors, blow up the bridges, thereby disrupting the transport infrastructure of the enemy, freeing important prisoners and many others significant assignments.

The scene of action will not be limited to the “country of frogs” – there will be a rustle on the local fascists also in Germany, Belgium, Poland. Judging by the previous title, Sabotage 1943, the game’s events unfold in 1943 – just at the dawn of the guerrilla movement. The developers promise that we easily recognize the famous sights of big cities. In Paris, for example, Violette will visit inside the majestic cathedral of Notre Dame, from where the invaders wanted to bring out valuable paintings.

Free miniclip gameThe entourage has little in common with all previous projects for the Second World War. There is no arrogance, bright explosions and other grief. Minimum colors, maximum atmosphere – that’s the motto of Replay Studios. According to them, it was in this situation that the years of military occupation passed. Under suit the environment – the main character. She will not have tight-fitting shirts, she can not boast of the fourth size of the chest, and looks, which is too much to hide, has not the most seductive. In our case, the female character is just a warrior, not unlike hundreds of others.

The gameplay is a typical stealth – the enemies are killed quietly, we do not show up in the light, we rarely organize large shootings. Do not wait for a vast arsenal – the ward prefers to deal with the adversaries with bare hands or, in extreme cases, with the help of improvised means. How all this is planned to be realized is known only to the creators. Firearms, of course, is present and under it even separate missions will be allocated, but, rather, – as an exception. “Samfisher” lotions, like night vision devices, Miss Summer was not awarded – our partisans are guided by the data of the authorities and women’s intuition.

Promise a solid number of role-playing elements. The girl has five characteristics: secrecy, accuracy of shooting, stamina, strength and stock morphine. The latter plays the role of slowing down time. With this ability, Violetta moves tens of times faster, so you can do whatever your heart desires with enemies. Also in the arsenal of the hero will find a place of various special techniques that are very useful for more effective killing of the Fritz.

For what it is necessary to worry, so it for the schedule. Style – style, but how do German developers justify low-polygon textures, wooden faces of opponents and poor environment models? The game comes out at the end of this year, by this time Velvet Assassin risks to be rejected only because of the meager visual component.

Play miniclip gamesStealth action – extremely demanding to the quality of the product sub-genre. Do not lose Velvet Assassin against the background of more loyal hits, like Saboteur and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction – that’s the primary question that should concern the venerable gurus from Replay Studios. We, in turn, fundamentally doubt the success of today’s ward – there is still no smell of revolutionary novelty or verified goodness.

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