Many RPG simulators of the economy provide an opportunity to learn how to earn money. If you want, try yourself as the owner of the hotel, and if you want, manage a zoo, circus, military base, etc. Thanks to the role system, you have a chance not only to learn how to do business, but also to pump the hero, to strengthen skills and participate in battles. On the platform of RBK Games you will find only the best economic games-simulators online. Let’s get acquainted with them:

The game of empires is an economic online simulator. Your task is to build an impregnable fortress, establish production of resources and train soldiers. After that, you can rob neighbors, conquer new lands, unite with other gamers, etc.;

Conflict: The Art of War is an online RPG with elements of strategy. Once in the distant future, at a time when the resources of the Earth began to dry up, your task is to settle on another planet. Build buildings, extract resources, fight, make friends, lay out unnecessary items for auction, etc.;
Sparta: Empire Wars – RPG game about courageous and brave warriors. Are you ready to create an invincible army, build an impregnable fortress and expand your possessions? Then make friends, unite in clans, participate in mass battles and try to conquer the whole world;

Wild Terra: The game world of this project is striking in scale. Explore the locations, gather resources, create objects, build the city and kill the bandits. To survive, you must learn how to fight. Improve skills, deceive enemies and come up with new tactics.

Star Colony: Earth has come to an end. Having collected a team of brave explorers, you will go to another planet. Travel through space, colonize the planet, trade at auction and do not forget to look for a new home for humanity. The economy in the game directly depends on gamers, so you can easily increase or decrease prices for certain products. To start playing online in Star Colony, you first need to register.

The essence of the genre

To achieve outstanding results in the first place, you must pump the hero. Strengthening the characteristics, you can go to the second stage – the search for equipment. Parallel to this, improve your skills, learn to fight and win. To be among the best, you must learn how to earn, because nothing gets for free. Economic RPG games will make you tighten your brains and teach you how to interact with other gamers. If you are only interested in battles, play in the RPG Birth of the Legend.

Reincarnated as a hero, you must deal with the Titans until they destroy the world. Ready to fight monsters, explore dungeons, collect equipment and improve skills? Then what are you waiting for, in battle!